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৳ 2,500 ৳ 2,000
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Bengal Meat Whole Chicken Curry Cut

৳ 0
  • Unit:  1kg
  • Price BDT: 00Tk
  • Brand/Origin: Bangladesh
  • Item Code: 00110
  • Call For Order 

Bitter Gourd

৳ 30
  • Unit: 500gm
  • Price BDT: 00Tk
  • Brand/Origin: Bangladesh
  • Call For Order 01974558102 

Black Salowar Kameez

৳ 3,000 ৳ 2,500
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Black Short Sleeve

৳ 950৳ 1,000
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৳ 2,560,000 ৳ 2,558,000

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Bottle Gourd (লাউ)

৳ 30
  • Unit: 500gm
  • Price BDT: 00Tk
  • Brand/Origin: Bangladesh
  • Call For Order 01974558102

Brinjal (বেগুন)

৳ 60
  • Unit: 500gm
  • Price BDT: 00Tk
  • Brand/Origin: Bangladesh
  • Call For Order 01974558102 

Broccoli (ব্রোকলি)

৳ 0
  • Unit: 1kg
  • Price BDT: 00Tk
  • Brand/Origin: Bangladesh
  • Item Code: 00000
  • Call For Order 

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